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About US

We are a nonprofit association that promotes a whole formation of the person through the organization of social, recreational, educational, sporting, artistic, cultural and environmental activities directed to children and teenagers.

We aim to provide resources to parents to complete the education of their children in those moments when, for work reasons, they can not deal with them.

The Team

Equipo Fantasilandia

"Proyecto único"

For this we developed a comprehensive education program "Proyecto único" which offer children a place outdoors to enjoy their leisure time with a variety of proposals encouraging the development of all its capabilities: drive, expression and communication, creativity and critical thinking, personal growth, management of emotions, interpersonal relationships...

The Project

Our purpose is to expand and adapt this project to take place in different areas and groups in the future: adults, people with special educational needs and people of the 3rd age.

We invite you to learn more closely at the Fantasyland park or through this website, where you will find all the necessary information that will allow you to discover what this project can offer.

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